clock 13 October, 2023

DSPKZ's Outfits and Virtual Fashion

What are you going to wear today? There's always an outfit for tomorrow. Whatever your style, we express ourselves through clothing. With sustainable products, we make extraordinary fashion for you in real life. This is the Despikeez uniform. Our main fashion is virtual.

Music, art and all other creative industries have been digitized, and now it's time for textiles. We are experiencing more and more of our lives through the Internet. And many of us buy clothes just for a picture on social media and then return them. And that's called fast fashion. The real problems are in what they are made of. Synthetics, spandex, nylon, polyester. All of these fabrics are made from petroleum. It's not sustainable. It's a tidal wave of disposable clothing. Virtual fashion can be the solution here.

The virtual fashion system works like this: you buy a digital outfit from a virtual store, send a photo, and the team digitally molds the piece to your body. Brands are making fewer clothes by looking at and interacting with potential products virtually first. It sounds far-fetched, but many people are already doing it. We will be displaying clothing items on Metaverse to increase our virtual clothing usage. You will also be able to use your virtual outfits on the Metaverse. In addition to being able to buy our brand's products with cryptocurrencies, you will also be able to buy with Despikeez tokens.