What is DeSpikeez?

DeSpikeez is a community-first PFP project on Solana, made with love, art and philosophy. We surely added some sci-fi too

Supply. How big is it?

We believe in good old traditions, so this time we will go for 5,000

What is Despikeez boarding pass?

These tickets are for whitelisted spots and are called Boarding Passes. DSPKZ Boarding pass is unique to the owner's name and it is limited. After winning, send it to #General chat on our Discord server, and you will get your "PAX" role.

Is the team doxxed?

Yes, the team is fully doxxed and you can see their social media accounts.

What is project trying to build?

Phygital Dominance is in the heart of our project. How else can we establish a #Hedgemony in this FUDdy universe dude?

What blockchain will this be on?

The project is developed on the Solana blockchain

Will I own the IP of the NFT?

DeSpikeez team allows you to take full ownership and acquire a worldwide, exclusive, transferable license to use, copy, and display the Art (“Art” means any art & drawing associated with the NFT that you own)for your purchased NFTs to commercialize your merchandise.

How much will creator fees be on secondary marketplaces?

Creator fees will be set at 5% of the value per Qualifying Transaction. 100% of secondary sales receipts will be used for the upcoming art projects